Asama Volcano Museum
Experience and Study facility

We are temporarily closed from 11th April to 31th May.

Asama Volcano Museum is run by Naganohara town. You can learn about the history of Mt. Asama, its eruptions, and the nature in the area from models, displays and films. We can provide a tour guide if necessary (30-40min, free).

※Groups of over 15 people require a reservation. We also hold other events such as star observation sessions, and provide local information as part of the North Asama Geopark project.

Emergency food restaurant, shop, rest area

The emergency food restaurant ‘Kazan’ opened on July 16th 2016.
70 seats are available. Choose from 15 kinds of emergency food, including carbonara, peperoncino pasta, Japanese pilaf, and dry curry. Fees start from 370 yen. Takeaway is available, so you are also able to enjoy the food outdoors while enjoying the view. This is a rare chance to try emergency food!
There is also a rest area available for large groups of up to around 300 people, and a souvenir shop selling a variety of local products.


April 1st – November 30th (closed Wednesdays)

Opening hours

8:30-17:00 (Last entry 16:30)


Free parking (parking for 300 cars, 40 buses)

Entry fee

※Entry fee includes Volcano walk.

Classification Fee
Individual Adult 600yen
Children (up to 15 years old) 300yen
Infants (up to 6 years old) free
(15 people or over)
General 450yen
High school or university students 300yen
Elementary or junior high students 200yen
Special discount Handicapped Adult 300yen
Children 150yen
65 years and over 300yen

※Disability certificate or proof of age required.

Wheelchairs, pushchairs

Wheelchairs and pushchairs are permitted. Wheelchairs and pushchairs can also be rented at no extra cost.
※Numbers are limited.


Free entry for residents of Gunma on October 28th (Gunma day).
※Identification needed.


Email us if you have any questions.

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